Play the long game...

The biggest mistake companies make during the recruiting process is that they wait until they need to hire someone. A reactive hiring approach can compromise your ability to locate and objectively assess candidates, thus leading to costly turnover . The key to recruiting is to always be recruiting so that you are prepared to replace an employee who unexpectedly quits or becomes ill. The same concept applies to diversity hires. In particular, if your organization is not particularly diverse, there is a need to develop relationships that will enhance diversity -- WE can assist in creating those relationships and remember, every connection made is an opportunity to promote your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Modernize corporate policies

According to survey findings by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there is a growing trend of companies offering floating holidays. Does it make sense to give employees off for Christmas but not Ramadan? Or off for Yom Kippur but not Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. According to the study, 43 percent of companies are now offering holidays that allow employees to take time off based on their religious or cultural situation. Millennials place more importance on a company culture than previous generations and McKinsey’s research found that the top issue that women want is a flexible schedule. Modernizing your company policies to suite the needs and desires of a diverse workforce is key to attracting the widest range of talent and only serves to strengthen your employer brand. Chavis Consultants can address and assure the formation of policies that promote human and civil rights...

We Provide Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leadership

Partner with outside organizations.

McKinsey conducted research on workplace diversity and found that a man’s professional is 65 percent male. To effectively diversify your workforce, it is critical to widen your search by making outreach to professional organizations, conferences, job fairs and networking events catering to a diverse crowd. Good examples include the National Black MBA Association, Urban League and the National Council of La Raza. This will offer a channel to search for good candidates with a positive track record in their own community.

The Website That Is Helping Companies Find Diverse Talent

The Website That Is Helping Companies Find Diverse Talent