assuring global compliance

Our teams are highly experienced in a broad range of areas and include: dynamic, seasoned Attorneys, Media Professionals, Academic Leaders, CEO’s, Business Owners, Mediators, Industry Leaders and Consultants with over 60 years of experience in professional and new business development, training and talent management.

Colleges and Universities across routinely request Chavis Group support in assuring comprehensive compliance assessments. Utilizing a 35 page assessment tool to conduct document, departmental, and program reviews that are informed by climate surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews we provide failsafe recommendations to ensure that the institution is compliant with Title IX, FLSA, Title VII, EEO/ ADA, FMLA and FERPA (and others). Our team approach then recommends relevant timely responses to audits, Department of Education mandates, state and federal laws; and proactive options that reduce liability.