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Diversity Fatigue Is Real

For many minorities in the academy, the language of diversity has become strained and is often bandied about primarily for marketing purposes. The demand to increase diversity and the anxiety of possible failure has caused many in the diversity space to become fatigued.. it is a plague that impacts underrepresented faculty, staff and students who must often balance feelings of frustration, anger, and devaluation from a lack of mentorship, uncertain resources, and often, additional family-care responsibilities. These are all familiar realities for academics of color and first-generation scholars. Chavis Group partners are seasoned warriors in the diversity fight, and bring valuable resources, insights and global experiences honed from representing 100's of institutions here and abroad. We understand the diversity space and all of the impacts that prevent inclusion.

Many colleges are stepping up their diverse hiring game. Schools like the University of California, Harvard and the University of Washington both study faculty diversity issues and try to piece together the most well-represented group of educators possible. Even Historically Black Colleges and Universities are trying to bring in students and faculty members outside the traditional population, especially since the original mission of those schools has changed. Certainly there are strides being made, but in order to best serve each generation of college students, the push for faculty diversity needs to continue on an upward path.

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Capabilities are a prerequisite of well-being and therefore, social institutions should direct people into fulfilling this aim in order to feel satisfied with their lives.

- Kromydos, 2017

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